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Advising Connections

Academic Advising Guidelines

Responsibility for good advising rests jointly with Faculty Advisors and students (as described in "Expectations of Academic Advising" in Academic Adelphi), supported by the administration. Faculty Advisors at Adelphi University view the advisor-advisee relationship as an integral part of a student's development at the university and an opportunity for faculty teaching beyond the classroom. Faculty Advisors will strive to attain the following ideals in advising:

Student Planning Guidelines

As part of the shared responsibility for good advising between advisor and student, advisors will expect students to have or do the following:

Remember that the academic adviser is there to help the student, because the assigned adviser wants to see the student succeed during his or her academic career. Call the adviser to set up an appointment, to discuss your academic path or just to say, "Hello!"

Approved by the Senate Committee on Teaching and Advisement on Nov. 1, 2004; revisions approved by the committee on Feb. 23, 2005; additional revisions made by L. Hobbie on behalf of the committee on Sept. 21, 2005. Presented to Faculty Senate on Oct. 3, 2005. Approved by the Faculty Senate (with addition of "Student Planning Guidelines") on Oct. 17, 2005.


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