The Media Center of FCPE serves as an in-house video and audio production and training center for the Adelphi community. Production emphasis will lie on engaging media for teaching and learning, however other projects serving the Adelphi community will be considered as well.

An inter-departmental charge-back system at highly competitive rates will be applied for some projects, while projects clearly dedicated to innovative and effective teaching strategies will be sponsored by faculty grants. Thorough consultations by the Media Center staff will help Adelphi faculty and staff determine scope, timeline and possible rates for each project.

Services Provided:

  • Video recording
  • Video Editing
  • VHS to DVD conversion
  • Video/Audio Transfer
  • Video/Audio Conversions
  • Audio/Video Editing Training and Instruction –iMovie, Flipcam software, GarageBand, Audacity

Equipment Available:

  • Mini DV Cameras
  • Flipcams
  • Tripods
  • Webcams
  • Still Digital cameras
  • Edirol sound recorder
  • External Microphones