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The Moodle chat tool allows communication between instructors and students in real time. Unlike in discussion forums, which are a means for asynchronous communication, online chat sessions need everyone to be logged in at the same time in order to communicate.

Creating Chats


  1. Click the Turn editing on button.
  2. Click on the Add an Activity drop-down menu in the specific module and select Chat.
  3. In the adding a new chat page, give the chat room a Name and provide directions on how to use the room in the Introduction text box. NUM1
  4. Set the time for the initial chat session in Next chat time. This create an event in our calendar.
  5. The Repeat sessions options available for a chat session are as follows:  NUM2
    • Don’t publish any chat times:Creates a chat room that is available to students at anytime.
    • No repeats: Creates a one-time only chat room that will only be available during the time specified.
    • At the same time every day: Creates a daily chat session available to students at the time specified.
    • At the same time every week: Creates a weekly chat session available to students at the time specified.
  6. You may choose to save transcripts of chat sessions for the amount of time specified under Save Past sessions option. Choose the amount of days the transcripts are saved or choose Never delete messagesNUM3
  7. You may further set whether the transcripts are available to students or just to the instructor under the Everyone can view past sessions option. NUM4
  8. Click Save-and-Return-to-Course at the bottom of the page once you have completed choosing the chat settings.




How to Participate in Chat Session


  1. Access the course that you are scheduled to have a chat session in by clicking the appropriate course link.
  2. Click Click-here-to-enter-chat-BUTTON to enter the chat room. NUM1
  3. A new window with the chat session will start up.
  4. Type in the space at the bottom of the page and click Send to enter your responses. NUM2
  5. To change the display, click on Themes and choose from Compact (default) or Bubble. NUM3
  6. To engage in a dialogue directly with a student, click Talk beneath their name and type your message (Note: All messages sent under Talk can still be viewed by the other participants.
  7. The beep option will send an audible tone to the participant and is designed to catch their attention.
  8. To exit the chat session, close the window by clicking the RED-X icon on the upper right of the chat window.



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