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Moodle Scheduler is an activity that enables professors to post their available time slots to arrange meetings with students. Students are able to select a time slot that best suits their schedule and make an appointment.

Creating a Scheduler


  1. Log in to your course and click the Turn editing on button. NUM1
  2. Click on the Add an Activity drop-down menu in the specific module and select SchedulerNUM2
  3. Name the scheduler next to Scheduler NameNUM3
  4. Provide a clear explanation of the scheduler to your students in the Description box. NUM4
  5. Then next to Mode choose either Students can only register one appointment (your students can only choose to make one appointment), or Students can only register one appointment at a time (students can make more than one appointment). NUM5
  6. Enter approximately how long each meeting will last in minutes in the Default Slot Duration box. This will be a significant factor when you set up slots for your students to sign up to make an appointment. NUM6
  7. Click on Save-and-Return-to-Course.






Setting Up Time Slots for Meetings

Click on the Schedule that has just been created.  A new page will appear where you will set up different time slots for you to meet with your students.

  1. Click Add Slots to add many repeating slots.
  2. Set Date to the first day meetings begin, and the Repeat Time Slot Until date to the final day of meetings. #1
  3. Add Appointments on: check the days that meeting slots should be created on. NUM2
  4. Specify the Start time and the End time. The time between will be broken into multiple slots automatically. NUM3
  5. In the Location box type the meeting’s location.
  6. From the Teacher drop-down select who is holding the appointment.
  7. Divide into slots should be yes. Specify the Duration of each meeting (i.e., how long each meeting slot will last). NUM4
  8. Set Allow multiple students per slot to specify how many students can schedule per slot time. NUM6
  9. Click Save Changes.





 Utilizing the Scheduler

When you click on your scheduler, it will appear to the instructor as shown below.

  1. To Add slotsNUM1
    To add many slots, click Add Slots.
    To add one time slot at a time, click Add a Single Slot.
  2. To Delete slots:
    To delete all slots click all slots.
    To delete all slots that are unused, click all unused slots.
    To delete slots you have created that are not in use, click my unused slots.
    To delete all the slots you have created, click all my slots.
  3. Important Icons: These icons will help you edit meetings
    delete Will delete the slot
    edit Will allow you to edit details of the slot, including duration
    group Will change meetings from individual to group sessions
    nomeeting If highlighted, the slot will be deleted from slot list when there is no scheduled meeting

Scheduler through a Student Perspective


  1. Students see all available slots in one page. If they are signed up for a specific slot, it will be bolded and sayBooked under Group SessionNUM1
  2. Otherwise they can select their Choice, and click Save my Choice to schedule a meeting.
  3. To cancel an appointment, the student selects their Choice and clicks Drop my Appointments.

Note: When your students schedule a meeting to see you, or cancel a meeting, you will receive a notification email of this.



Assigning Students to a Slot/Appointment


  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the scheduler until you see Schedule by Student. Click Schedule next to the student’s name under the Action column. NUM1
  2. Choose the Existing time slot and this will fill in the remainder of the options (unless you want to change something specific). After you have verified that everything is filled in correctly scroll down and click SaveNUM2

Note: When you are scheduling appointments using this technique, it is important to notify your student that you have scheduled an appointment to see them, either by email or when you see them face to face.

Select Mark as seen now if you have already seen the student and would like to document it in the scheduler.



Different Views


  1. My Appointments view: This is the default view, and when you open up scheduler, you will automatically see the scheduler in this view. This view is optimized for creating slots for students to book appointments to meet with you. NUM1
  2. Overview: This will allow you to have an overview on the schedules you have made with your students in the past, along with when and where it took place, as well as other important information. This view is recommended to obtain an overall look on the appointments that you have held with your students.

Additional Options

  1. Statistics:  This displays the total amount of students who can potentially attend a meeting, who have not attended a meeting, and the number of available slots remaining.
  2. Exports: This allows you to export the scheduler to Excel, OpenDoc or CVS.
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