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In Moodle, Discussion Forums are gradable similarly to assignments. When creating a Discussion Forum that will be graded, check Allow posts to be rated during its creation. Use the Grade drop-down menu to select the grading scale you wish to use. NUM1

Note: If you are using a weighted gradebook, graded activities will only be weighted equally if the Grade drop-down is the same for all activities contained within that category. That is, the number of possible points per assignment should be equal for every activity in the category.

  1. Click on the forums-button in the Activities block. NUM2
  2. Select the forum that will be graded in the forums list. NUM3
  3. Next, in the Ratings drop down menu located in the post to be graded, select the grade the student will receive. NUM4

Note: Due to the manner in which Moodle averages forum ratings, we highly suggest that you only rate one post per student per forum. This means grading a student only once for each forum when forum posting has ceased. A student’s total forum grade should be assigned to either their first or last forum posting.

  1. After you are done grading posts, scroll to the bottom of the forum and click on send-in-ratings-button

Note: Only instructors can grade forum posts. Students will not be able to grade other students’ posts, and they will only be able to see their own ratings.





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