Assigning Roles

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The Enrolled Users option allows you to enroll users in your course and provide them with a specific role. Teachers can assign the roles of Teacher, Non-editing teacher, and Student.

Note: In order for students to be listed in a Moodle course, they need to activate their Moodle accounts first. To do so, they should go to eCampus. Under My Favorite Services there is a Moodle tab for students to access Moodle. In order to log into Moodle students will use their universal username and password. If students have followed these steps accurately they will appear in the Participants list.

Teacher Non-editing teacher Student
Teachers can do anything within a course, including changing the activities and grading students. This role is similar to that of Teaching Assistant. A nonediting teacher can enter grades for the students, but he/she cannot edit the contents of the course. Students have access to the course information provided by the instructor and are able to post responses in the forums, contribute to wikis, etc.

Adding a user to your course

  1. In the Settings block, click on UsersNUM1
  2. In the list that appears beneath Users, click Enrolled Users. NUM2
  3. Click  enrollUserbtn
  4. Type in the name of the user you wish to add and click on SearchNUM3
  5. Click the drop down menu next to Assign Roles to assign them as a Student, Teacher or Non-Editing Teacher.
  6. In the Search results box, click enrollBtn.
  7. Click Finish enrolling users.Note: If you close out of the window without clicking Finish enrolling users, the participant will still be enrolled in the course.
  8. The student’s name and email will now appear in the Enrolled users box.


Removing a user from your course

  1. In the Settings block, click on UsersNUM1
  2. In the list that appears beneath Users, click Enrolled Users.
  3. To remove a user from the course, under Enrollment methods click on the icon_delete across from the student’s name. NUM2


Note:  This step cannot be undone and the student’s data will be erased from the course.

Removing the user role under Roles will not remove the user from the course. Rather, the user will be able to view and access the resources in the course without being able to participate in activities.

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