Navigating the Course

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To return to the course homepage from any other place in the course (e.g. a discussion forum, or a resource), click on the course name (or ID) in the upper left corner underneath the Adelphi logo, or click on the course number on the bottom of the page.


Organizing Modules

The default view shows all course materials organized by modules as the instructor has organized them. Modules can be displayed in different ways:

  • Change visibility to students by clicking the eye icon icon_available.
  • Highlight the current module by using the highlight icon icon_highlight.

Display by Type of Content

The activities block provides a list of the types of activities deployed in the course. Clicking on a category, such as forums, resources, or assignments, will bring up a list with all items in that category.

Allowing pop-up windows to appear in Mozilla Firefox

When Firefox prompts you that it has blocked a popup, click Options (or Preferences) and select Allow popups for moodle.adelphi.eduNUM1


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