Exporting and Importing Questions

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Exporting Quiz Questions

To export existing quiz questions to use them in another class or for archival purposes, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Moodle course that contains the questions to be exported.
  2. In the Settings block, select Question Bank.  In the Question Bank list, select ExportNUM1
  3. From the File format, select Moodle XML formatNUM2
  4. From the Export Category drop-down menu, select the category containing the questions to be saved. NUM3
  5. Click on the Export questions to fileNUM4
  6. Save the file to a convenient location.
  7. Click Continue. The quiz questions have now been exported to a file. You may return the front page of your course.



Importing questions from Respondus


In Respondus:

  1. Start Respondus and under Current Personality select Moodle
  2. Click on File > Open (top menu) and open the question bank you have saved.
  3. If the questions bank you previously created is not using the same Personality setting, you will be prompted to Convert the file. You may overwrite the existing file, or save it as a new file to be safe.
  4. Click on the Preview/Publish tab 
    (always double check everything looks good using the Preview option on the Preview/Publish tab.)
  5. Click on the Publish to Moodle option and click on the Wizard.
  6. Make sure that step #1. is set to “Publish to a single course
     First Time Setup Only:
    1. From the Moodle Server drop-down select Add New Server
    2. Select NO, I will configure…
    3. In the large step #2 text box enter: https://moodle.adelphi.edu/
    4. In step #3 press the Extract >> button
    5. In step #4 enter a Description, your Username and Password.
    6. If you trust the computer you are using and it is not shared, select the “Remember my username and password” option!
    7. Click OK.
  7. Connect to the Adelphi Moodle server by clicking next.
  8. In step #1 select the course you want to publish the question bank to
  9. In step #2 I suggest creating a new category and specifying a name
  10. In step #3 UNCHECK Create/Replace assessment.
  11. Click NEXT. Your quiz questions are now imported into the Moodle course you selected.

Importing questions from ExamView and other test generator programs


In ExamView:

  1. Start ExamView and open your question bank.
  2. Click on File > Export and select Blackboard 5.xNUM1
  3. Enter a name for your question bank and make sure it is saved as a zip file. NUM2

On your PC:

  1. Go to where the file was saved and right click on it. NUM3
  2. Under Open With, selectCompressed (zipped) FoldersNUM3
  3. From the main menu at the upper left side of the window, select Edit > Select All.
  4. Then, select Edit > Copy to copy them (alternatively you can use CTRL + C).
  5. Go to your desktop, right click andPaste the files

In Moodle:

  1. Log into Moodle and use the steps on page 2 to create a Quiz body and aCategory for your new questions.
  2. When in the Editing Quiz menu click on ImportNUM4
  3. Select the category you created to import the questions into (see page 2). NUM5
  4. Under File Format, select Blackboard.NUM5
  5. Click Browse and select the file DAT file you unzipped. NUM5
  6. Click on Upload this fileNUM5
  7. Now your questions are added in your Category and you can add them to your quiz body.





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