Quiz Administration

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Viewing Quiz Results


The following steps are for viewing participant’s scores on a quiz.

  1. Click on the Quiz that you would like to view. NUM1
  2. Click Attempts to get a report on how each student did on the quiz. NUM2


Note: The following webpage contains information that lists the students’ names, the date and time of the quiz. To view a detailed report of a student’s answers, click on the number grade across from the student’s name.


Deleting Quiz Attempts

If you wish to delete a student’s attempt on a quiz, giving them another opportunity to take the quiz, follow the steps below:

  1. While viewing the quiz attempts page, check the box next to the students’ names whose attempt will be deleted. NUM1
  2. Beneath the list of participants, select delete.

Updating an Existing Quiz

The following steps are to modify the questions on an existing quiz. You may use these steps followed by Regrading to correct an answer and automatically recalculate student’s grades based on corrected questions.

  1. After selecting the quiz, click on Edit Quiz in the Settings block. NUM1
  2. On the screen that appears you may reorder, delete and add questions on the quiz; you may also change a question’s point value.

Note: You will not be able to add or remove questions if the quiz has been attempted.


Automatically Regrading a Quiz

Regrading allows for automatic recalculation of student’s grades based on an updated quiz. An example of the use of regrade: A question’s answer in the initial exam was incorrectly marked as wrong. You have updated the quiz question to reflect this mistake and now want to recalculate student’s grades.

  1. While viewing the quiz attempts page, check the box next to the students’ names whose attempt will be regraded. NUM1
  2. Beneath the list of participants, select Regrade selected attemptNUM2
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