Module Outline Template #2


The contents in this page can be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word to make your own template for outlining the modules in your course. For each section, there is a very brief explanation. Contact the FCPE’s instructional designers for additional guidance at x4221.

Module Overview: This section offers students a brief introduction to the new module and explains what students will do and how to navigate the module. FCPE-recommended options for delivering this overview include a voice or video recording as well as offering it as text within the module in Moodle. Providing it in multiple formats makes the course accessible to those with disabilities and addresses a variety of learning preferences.

Title:  Make a creative title for your module that helps tell the story of your syllabus.
Dates active:  Be explicit about the dates the module is active. This helps busy students and faculty alike to keep track of the course schedule.
Module Objectives:
Start this section with:

“After completing this module, students will:”

Keep the number of objectives to a minimum. Make sure objectives are specific, action-oriented and measurable. Avoid vague language. Reflect on who your students are and what you wish for them to be able to do after the module is over. Refer to Bloom’s taxonomy. For guidance with writing effective learning objectives visit: or contact the FCPE at x4221.

Lectures, Readings, Other Activities:

Assessments: Assessments can be formative (activities that assess student progress as they develop skills and abilities) or summative (activities that summarize learning over a longer period of development like mid-term and final exams). It is recommended that formative assessments be included as well as summative ones.

Communication: Explain how students will interact with you and with each other in this module.

Technical Requirements: List hardware, software and any plug-in requirements needed here. The FCPE staff (x4221) can help you anticipate needs you may not now be aware of depending on the educational technologies you plan to use with your students. After you have written your objectives and thought about possible activities to help students meet the objectives, contact us to help you walk through what may be needed.


It is recommended that deadlines be clear. Some faculty make all deadlines on the same day of the week to make it easy for students to remember. Specify the time as well as the dates on which things are due. Specify that the time is Eastern Standard Time.

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