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The Senate Committee on Teaching & Advisement wishes you a wonderful end of semester and holiday season!  Please enjoy these tips for this time of semester:
How do you close your class?  Would you consider a 1-minute paper, or a re-cap of closing connections to the next topic?  Check out this brief blog post for more ideas.
This post considers the end of the semester in terms of a checklist for improving courses and your productivity as faculty – enjoy!
Do you have any tips on how to end classes that really worked well for you?  Please email cweida@adelphi.edu to share.
Please save the date for our POGIL workshop (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) on Tuesday, January 22nd from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. in NEX 126.
The Senate Committee on Teaching & Advisement always welcomes new members – please email us if you are looking for a Spring committee: scox@adelphi.eduMVANALSTINE@adelphi.edu, or cweida@adelphi.edu

Are you feeling overwhelmed this time of semester?  Are your students experiencing burn out? When you have a little time to re-evaluate, please enjoy these resources on time management and avoiding burn out. This post invites you to examine time allotment to reconfigure.

Here’s a related podcast on managing your time as a faculty member – or if you’re short on time to listen – scroll down for a quick list of 5 low tech and tech-friendly time management tips.

*(Time permitting) please share some of your own time management teaching tips: cweida@adelphi.edu.

*Searching for a University service committee that manages time well? Consider the Senate Committee for Teaching & Advisement. Please contact Chair Steve Cox or Co-Chair Courtney Weida.

As professors, many of us feel we teach for the love of it.  But what is the role of happiness for our students?  How does their productivity connect with a sense of happiness?  Check out this brief and (we hope) interesting article on teaching and student emotions, productivity, and the re-humanization of education.

*Do you have a tip on keeping students happy, while keeping the curriculum healthy, so to speak?  Please share: cweida@adelphi.edu.
**Need a University service committee that embraces teaching? The Senate Committee for Teaching & Advisement welcomes new members! Please contact Chair Steven Cox.
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