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Teaching Tips


The Senate Committee for Teaching & Advisement wishes you a wonderful end of semester and summer! Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of grading final projects, papers, and/or exams? You might enjoy pausing a bit to reflect upon feedback itself. Will students evaluate one another in preparation for the final? Will any self-evaluation be useful to their growth? What kinds of feedback do they most need from you – describing their progress, next steps, connection to their careers, etc.? This brief article and infographic on assessment may be just the break you need!

Here are some additional tips for getting the most out of final exams.

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This teaching tip invites you consider techniques and tools for focusing a distracted class.  Whether digitally-based or due to more tangible factors, distractions can abound in the classroom.  One professor we know creatively invites any students obviously engaged in cell phone usage to google a fact related to the class topic, take and upload a photograph to the course website, or kindly excuse themselves from the room a few moments if a text or email just can’t seem to wait.  

How else can we get students to focus and use class time to their advantage?  Please enjoy this Newsletter Link considering approaches like setting expectations early on, focusing on active learning to hold student attention, and learning student names to connect with them (and help them disconnect from distractions).
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The Senate Committee for Teaching & Advisement wishes you a happy New Year and great Spring 2016!  This tip considers using an orientation video for your courses.  Traditionally done for online courses, an introductory video can also be helpful in promoting a course, communicating during inclement weather/school closings, and/or clarifying content that was not addressed during a class meeting.  Videos can be done on cell phones, through PowerPoint, with flipcams etc.  Here is a blog post discussing the virtues of an orientation video, shared by Professor Dolapo Adenijii-Neill.

The Senate Committee for Teaching & Advisement wishes you a wonderful Fall semester! 

As you settle in for the first few weeks of classes, here’s a resource exploring goal setting.  Once the syllabus is distributed and the class begins, what do your students hope to explore, understand, or accomplish within the class beyond basic requirements?  Please enjoy this article with some interesting links on approaching the course learning process as a deeper sort of hero’s journey.

The Senate Committee for Teaching & Advisement hopes you are hitting a good stride this semester.  Professor Dola Adeniji-Neill shared this thoughtful reflection (and lovely poem by Tom Layman) on handling absenteeism and student make-up work.  Here’s an excerpt and the link:
“Did I miss anything? . . .
Everything. Contained in this classroom
is a microcosm of human experience
assembled for you to query and examine and ponder.
This is not the only place such an opportunity has been gathered
but it was one place
And you weren’t here”
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