Moodle Tutorials

We can help you make the most of your Moodle experience.

The Faculty Center for Professional Excellence provides several ways to learn. You can choose to download a PDF guide, or check out our interactive video tutorials. We have both Firefox-friendly Flash and Chrome/mobile-friendly HTML5 options available.

Interactive Video Tutorials


Activity and Course Completion

Adding Resources

Managing Resources and Activities



Discussion Forums


Importing a Course


PDF Tutorials

Introduction (PDF)

  • Getting Started
  • Changing Your Settings
  • Navigating the Course
  • Assigning Roles

Accessing Class Roster Photos (PDF)

  • View Class ID Photos

Adding Resources (PDF)

  • Inserting a Title or a Name for a Module (Topic)
  • Label
  • Page
  • File
  • Folder
  • URL
  • Bootstrap Elements
  • Inserting a (Small) Image into the Course Page
  • Inserting a YouTube Video into the Course Page (or other Resource)

Managing Resources and Activities (PDF)

  • Renaming an Item
  • Moving an Item
  • Indenting an Item
  • Editing an Item
  • Duplicating an Item
  • Deleting an Item
  • Making an Item Visible or Invisible

Activity and Course Completion (PDF)

  • Course Completion
  • Activity Completion
  • Badges

Collaborative Activities and Blocks (PDF)

  • Chat Activity
  • Wiki Activity
  • Groups
  • Calendar Block
  • Scheduler

Assignments (PDF)

  • Creating Assignment
  • Assignment Administration
  • Grading Assignments
  • Turnitin Assignments

Quizzes (PDF)

  • Creating Quizzes
  • Creating Questions
  • Quiz Administration
  • Exporting and Importing Question Categories

Discussion Forums (PDF)

  • Types of Forums
  • Creating a Forum
  • Engaging in Discussion Forums
  • Grading Discussion Forums

Gradebook (PDF)

  • Score Aggregation Types
  • Using a ‘Point-based’ Gradebook
  • Using a ‘Weighted’ Gradebook
  • Adding Categories
  • Assigning Items to a Category
  • Setting Weights to Categories
  • Adding Manual Grade Items in the Gradebook
  • Grading Activities Directly in the Gradebook
  • Setting up Grade Letters
  • Downloading Grades to a Spreadsheet or Text file
  • Marking an Activity as Extra Credit
  • Dropping the Lowest Score

Importing a Course (PDF)

Quickmail (PDF)

  • Sending an Email to Your Students
  • Viewing Drafts
  • Viewing History
  • Creating Signatures
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