SMART Boards allow to control computer applications by touching the screen with a finger or by using the pen tool provided with the board.. When using these boards in conjunction with the Notebook interactive lesson software, teachers can add interactivity to lessons through an array of powerful educational tools, animations and resources.

In order to create interactive lessons using the Notebook software, you must download and install it on your own computer. Please follow the instruction below. We recommend to bring Notebook lessons on a USB drive to use with the PC provided in the room. If you wish to bring your own laptop, you must install the Smart Board driver as well as the Notebook software. Calibration of the board may be required.

To install the Notebook interactive lesson software:

    1. Go to the SMART Board Downloads page and click a download link according to your operating system.
    2. Read the instruction and click the “Download” button to start downloading the software. After the download finishes, click the file to install the Notebook software. Follow the screen to finish the installation.

Important: to activate the software, a product key is needed, that is only available to current Adelphi faculty members. Please email your request to including your full name and department prior to installing the software.

Faculty members in the School of Education should email the School of Education Technology Graduate Assistant at

To calibrate the SMART Board (if the board doesn’t respond to touch):
Orienting the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard (PDF)

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