Podcasting is a great tool that can enhance the student learning experience. At Adelphi, we currently use iTunes U to support podcasting.

iTunes U is a podcasting tool for educators to share content with their students. Podcasts come in the form of either audio or video files and with iTunes U, students can access the content from their PC or mobile device. The files are downloaded and then can be played anytime/anywhere.

Why Use Podcasting


Here are our top 5 benefits for teaching with podcasts:

  1. Engage your students with dynamic recordings of interviews with professionals, colleagues and other guest speakers.
  2. Create recordings of your lectures so that students can review material.
  3. Distribute supplemental audio clips easily by allowing students to download content to their computer or mobile device.
  4. Enrich the class with multimedia that accommodates students with different learning styles.
  5. Assess students’ understanding of course content by having them create podcasts of their own.


Getting Started

Faculty wishing to use iTunes U should request an iTunes U course by filling out the iTunes U Course Request Form.


What’s in your Digital Toolkit?


  • Digital Audio Recorder (Roland/Edirol recorders can be reserved via the IT Help Desk)
  • Mobile device (i.e. iphone, ipad; great for recording audio or video)


  • Audacity (free, easy-to-use PC and Mac program for editing and recording audio)



Best Practices

  • Test any recording device before using it
  • If you’re recording supplemental material, be sure to do it in a quiet place
  • Keep the recording device close to your mouth for optimal recording quality (if possible, use a separate microphone)
  • Plan out what you’re going to say before hand. Even preparing a short outline will help you to stay organized while you’re speaking
  • Keep a glass of water nearby in case you’re recording for an extended period of time


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